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Rubber conveyor belt enterprise transformation and upgrading

Over the past year is environmental protection policy and check management focus on the outbreak of the year, the environmental protection law enforcement inspections after increase year by year, the traditional rubber manufacturing industry will face more severe environmental situation, facing the transformation and upgrading of small and medium-sized micro rubber manufacturing enterprise survival increasingly difficult, former rubber to promote the growth of the local economy gets a "star" enterprises overnight into a dozen "rats". Under such a severe environment protection situation, we will try to stay in a corner and continue to develop in a small, scattered, disorderly and dirty way. So faced with the increasingly severe environmental protection situation and the cruel market competition, small and medium-sized micro-rubber production enterprises will be the future? Is it selling equipment, transferring factories and orders out of a rubber industry that has worked so hard for years, or is it struggling to survive? Is it being ruthlessly absorbed by big business or foreign peers, or is it just "heating up" and fighting back?

Is the rubber manufacturer a polluter? Elimination of backward production capacity transformation and upgrading, and traditional small and medium-sized micro-rubber production enterprises are lagging behind? How should traditional rubber production enterprises transform and upgrade? What about the modern small and medium sized rubber refining and its products factory (except the tire production factory)?

In recent years, e-commerce enterprises, led by taobao, and suning, have enjoyed boundless scenery. Under the pressure of environmental protection last year, many rubber industry operators lost confidence in the future development and did not know how to move forward. Is the rubber industry the obsolete backward production target, is the rubber production enterprise the pollution enterprise after all?

In the process of rubber mixing and product production, a certain amount of exhaust gas will be produced. Which is suitable for all kinds of dust exhaust gas main (carbon black, chemical powder), gas containing sulfur compounds, VOCs contaminant such as volatile organic compounds, and a stench, the waste gas composition is complicated, especially the stench components from the exhaust gas to the production workshop environment, the factory caused certain pollution environment. General rubber mixing and its products production process does not produce industrial waste water and solid waste, but more equipment cooling circulating water, the factory area household waste. Because of these, the rubber production enterprises can not be sentenced to death within the scope of environmental protection law, and will be shut down after inspection. But we also have to admit, before a lot of small and medium-sized micro rubber production enterprises in the pursuit of profits, not the means, in the absence of any environmental control equipment to the discharge of pollutants, causing environmental pollution complaints from the people.

I think everyone have a consensus, the rubber conveyor belt industry is not the elimination of backward production capacity, in today's world economic power, industrial power, notting have is not rubber technology power, high quality of mixing rubber and its products in the industry demand is very big, is of great strategic value and significance. With the development of China's industry, especially after the automobile production and sales volume surpassed that of the United States and became the first in the world, the demand for rubber continued to grow. The market is there, the demand is there, and on the one hand, the traditional small and medium-sized micro-rubber manufacturers have been forced to shut down for various reasons, orders have been lost and life has been difficult. Side is advanced a rubber production enterprise (large tire plant is not in scope), orders received, the customer the door for the defendant to cash order, on to the shipment price and delivery arrangement according to production capacity and profit situation. Side is "a thief" production will start only secretly at night, no environmental control equipment, not form a automatic production line, no quality testing equipment, no production management system, poor production workshop refined JiaoGong smile only white teeth are small rubber production enterprises. Side is in line with the state of various environmental requirements, open do business stability, spacious, clean rubber production workshop under the computer control system in the management of highly automated production line of smelting JiaoGong in an orderly way to carry out the production, each product through the strict quality inspection, production process the traceability of the modernized new rubber production enterprises. Which do you choose?

There may be plastic friends or small and micro rubber production enterprises will see this will say: "you said easy, you do try! What you said is ideal! I also want to do such an enterprise as you said, but there is no technical team with relevant experience, and no experience for reference. As you said, the investment is too big. I don't have enough money to invest. Every small and medium sized micro-rubber manufacturer has different situations and difficulties. I want to change it, but I don't know what to do first. Wait a minute. I hope to share some of my humble opinions with you through this article.

After many years of ups and downs in business, I think the first thing is to solve the problem of thought. Foreign advanced rubber production enterprises are not so strong at the beginning. But operators have always had an insight into the direction of the world's advanced rubber manufacturing industry. Which company has no difficulties? As long as you are brave enough to face these difficulties, you really want to change from the bottom of your heart and take the road of transformation and upgrading. Analyze and find out what the problem is, and still be able to solve it. It may not be perfect, but it has turned out beautifully.

The transformation and upgrading of traditional rubber production enterprises is not a matter of time. Many enterprises realized, head of the transformation and upgrading is bound to need a certain amount of manpower and material resources and financial resources invested, low-margin small rubber production enterprise itself, to cope with the fierce market competition has been tired, has no more energy to transformation and upgrading. More importantly, small micro rubber production enterprises, lack of plant transformation and upgrading of the experience, head side technical staff can provide enterprises with a complete transformation and upgrading of the plan and target, transformation and upgrading of the factory "doom". From their own point of view, the change and upgrading existing production mode is risky, change might be "dead" if you don't succeed, don't change will certainly be eliminated, this is the future trend in the development of enterprises. The advanced capitalist countries have also experienced the pains of industrial transformation and upgrading, and the small and micro enterprises that can survive have experienced the transformation of breaking the cocoon and rebirth.

Transformation and upgrading of the traditional rubber production enterprises is a complicated system engineering, which involved in raw material purchasing management, production process reengineering, equipment and process improvement, production process and automation system integration, product formula research and development and improve product quality, production site management and industrial engineering analysis, warehousing logistics system planning, customer relationship management and so on several aspects. These changes really require a multifaceted technical knowledge and industry experience or teamwork to make them happen. Because of certain confidentiality factors, can't glue to you as a friend on the foreign advanced rubber factory live-action pictures and key information, but want to tell everyone in the developed countries, small and micro rubber production factory really very advanced, its advanced not only embodied in people under the generalized cognitive automatic production equipment or pipeline, but running in the factory every aspect is very advanced.

In the transformation and upgrading of traditional rubber production enterprises, I think we should first formulate a set of effective upgrade plans according to the enterprise's own situation, because each enterprise's own situation is completely different. Cannot copy or model the reform, must find the suitable transformation road. Then the scheme is decomposed layer by layer and the transformation and upgrading objectives are set up one by one, and finally implemented in stages. At the beginning of improvement, I think I need to do the following work first:

First, according to national industrial policies and environmental protection requirements, improve their own enterprise construction, actively response to the national policy guidance and large environmental requirements, active changes to the original environment pollution problem.

Add or upgrade the environment management equipment, improve the workshop site production environment. In particular, the production site of key pollution procedures or stations for pollution control. For example, the mixing glue production workshop without the establishment of a dense refining system, the dust and waste gas generated when adding powder materials such as carbon black. We will increase the power, air volume and capacity of the existing waste gas collection and treatment equipment. Will production workshop (mixed rubber mixing, vulcanization molding), after a period of treatment engineering, on-line quality inspection and packing workshop, raw material warehouse and finished products warehouse, carbon black and drug area measurement, quality measure according to the reasonable arrangement and production process.

Secondly, the production equipment shall be organized into an assembly line as far as possible according to the production process of the product, and the complicated processes shall be decomposed one by one.

Use the equipment to complete the simple manual work as much as possible. For example, the simple material transportation, in the main production equipment between the establishment of a complete material transportation system. The demand and delivery of raw and auxiliary materials, and the samples of online quality inspection are also completed by the materials transportation equipment. The principle is to set up an efficient production line, so that all equipment and production personnel conform to the production process of products, so that the production rhythm is more regular and smooth. If the production line has been set up before, then the bottleneck location can be found for targeted improvement. Build a complete product quality management system. To minimize the product adverse process caused by human factors interference. Replace human factors with stable equipment and multiple sensors. Such as the management of the cooling water, we may draw a management scope in the past, let the workers to record every day the thermometer on the cooling water pipe, but it did not form a closed-loop management, and extremely sensitive to temperature location should focus on management.

Third, comprehensively improve the ability of product quality inspection, strengthen on-site production quality control, so as to minimize the fluctuation of quality uniformity of rubber products.

Our enterprise is not unable to produce high quality products, but what we lack is to always produce high quality rubber conveyor belts products. This is the gap between our small and medium-sized rubber enterprises and outstanding enterprises.

Fourth, plant operation process reengineering, with more scientific methods to change the original plant operation process.

Not only refers to the production process, but also includes the factory material system process, production management process, financial management process and so on. To put it bluntly is to change the original backward management concept and make the operation process of the factory more scientific and efficient.

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